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SSC Staff selection Commission Exam paper|

SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination, 2010 question paper Paper|

SSC Data Entry Operator and Lower Division Clerks exam paper

Staff selection Commission is the authority of Indian Government for conducting Examinations Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination, 2010 For recruitment of Data Entry Operator and Lower Division Clerks for the various Indian Government Establishments / Offices.Those candidate who was preparing the SSC Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination, 2010 see the given below exam paper. These questions papers will give you an idea of the Combined Higher Secondary Level (10+2) Examination Paper Patterns that are given by SSC .

General Knowledge Question :

1. Who was the Prime Minister of Britain when India got Independence?

a) Harold Wilson b) Lloyd George c) Chamberlain d) Clement Atlee

2. The Acharya who established "matths" in all the four corners of India

a) Ramanuja b) Sankara c) Madhava d) Vallabha

3. Sir C.V.Raman was the first Nobel Laureate in Physics from the Indian Sub- continent.Who was the second?

a)Dr.A.P.J.Abdul Kalam b) Dr.S.S.Bhatnagar c) Dr.Hargovind Khorana d)Prof.Abdus Salam of Pakistan

4. Free India’s First Education Minister was

a)M.C. Chagla b) Maulana Kalam Azad c) Rafi Ahmed Kidwai d) N.G.Ayyangar

5. Who was the first Viceroy of India ?

a)Lord Clive b)Lord Warren Hastings c)Lord Canning d)Lord Cornwallis

6. The servants of India society was founded by

a)Blavatsky & Olcott,1866 b)Gopalkrishna Gokhale,1905 c)M.G.Ranade,1867 d)Sir S.A.Khan,1920

7. Under whose Vice Royalty was Tipu Sultan Defeated

a)Lord Cornwallis b)Lord Wellesley c)Lord Hastings d)Lord Canning

8. The famous"Al-Berauni"is associated in Indian history with

a)Mohd.Tughlaq b) Mohd.Ghori c)Mahmood of Ghazni d)Allau-ud-din Khilji.

9. Battle of Buxar was fought in the year

a)1757 b)1764 c)1576 d)1565

10. Kalidas was the court poet of

a)Chandragupta-II b)Chandragupta Maurya c)Harshavardhan d)Kharavela

11. Battle of _______ is associated with Prithviraj & Mohammad Ghori

a)Haldighati b)Talikota c)Kanwa d)Tarain

12.Second Battle of Panipat was fought in the year _________ ,headed by_________

a)1526,Babur b)1556,Humayun c)1556,Akbar d)1605,Jehangir.

13.The first round table conference was held under the vice royalty of Lord

a)Reading b)Irwin c)Wellingdon d)Mountbatten

14. Who was the last famous Hindu King?

a)Harshavardhan b)Samudragupta c)Chandragupta-II d)Ashoka

15. Who is known as the Indian Napolean?

a) Chandragupta I b) Samudragupta c) Chandragupta II d) Skandagupta

16. The author of historical epithet ‘Rajtarangini" was

a)Kalhana b) Kalidas c) Chanakya d) Banabhatta

17. The Kailashnath Temple at Ellora was built by the

a) Rashtrakutas b) Chalukyas c) Cholas d) Pallavas

18. Alexander defeated Porus at the bank of river Jhelum. This battle is famous as the battle of

a)Wandiwash b)Hydapses c) Chausa d) Khanwa

19. Which governor General abolished the practice of sati?

a) Lord Dalhousie b) William Bentick c) Lord Cornwallis d) Lord Hastings

20. Lord Curzon is associated with which of the following events?

a) Hunter commission b) Doctrine of Lapse c) Partition of Bengal d) Jallianwala Bagh Tragedy

21. Gandhiji first started his Satyagraha Movement in

a) Peitermaritzberg , South Africa b) Sabarmati, India c) Johhanesberg, South Africa d) Dandi, India

22. The "veda" which deals with Ayurvedic system of medicine

a)Rigveda b) Samveda c) Atharavaveda d) Yajurveda

23. The famous "Economic Drain Theory" was given by

a) Lord Lytton, 1876 b) Swami dayanand,1875 c) Dadabhai Naoroji,1876 d) Lord Northbrook, 1876.

24.The capital of India Was shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in the Year

a) 1910 b) 1911 c) 1920 d) 1919

25. Who, among the following , is known for his pioneering work on medicine during the Gupta period

a) Sudraka b) Sushruta c) Shaunaka d) Saumilla

26. Who was the founder of Indian National Congress ?

a) Dadabhai Naoroji b) A.O. Hume c) W.C. Banerji d) Badrudin Tyabji

27. Jalianwala Bagh Tragedy occurred in which of the following year?

a)1927 b)1942 c) 1920 d) 1919

28. Brahmo Samaj was founded by

a)Raja Ram Mohan Roy b) Keshab Chandra Sen c) Swami Vivekanand d) Swami Dayanand

29. The policy was Subsidiary Alliance was started by

a) Lord Cornwallis b) Lord Welleseley c) Lord Canning d) Lord Hastings

30. The last Mughal Emperor was

a)Bahadur Shah II b) Shah Alam II c) Akbar II d) Alamgir II

31. Sir Thomas Roe was the ambassador of James I to the court of

a)Akbar b) Jahangir c) Shah Jahan d) Auranzeb

32.Vasco da Gama was a famous ______ traveler.

a) Danish b) French c) Portugese d) Dutch

33. When was American Independence declared ?

a)1776 b)1756 c) 1736 d) 1746

34. When did Hitler become Chancellor of Germany?

a) 1939 b) 1936 c) 1933 d) 1930

35. The Industrial Revolution was to begin first in

a) USA b) Japan c) England d) (erstwhile)USSR

36. Who wrote Buddha Charita?

a) Bana Bhatta b) Ashva Ghosa c) Kalidasa d) Tulsidas

37.Where was the first factory by the Britishers set up in India in 1612?

a) Pondicherry b) Surat c) Cochin d) Calcutta

38. The principal language of the Dravidians was

a) Kannada b) Telugu c) Tamil d) Malayalam

39. In which year Ashoka fought the Kalinga War?

a) 58 B.C.b) 78 B.C. c) 599 B.C. d) 261 B.C.

40. When was the Berlin Wall built?

a) 1917 b)1961 c) 1921 d) 1963

41. Which among the following is not the official language of the U.N.O.?

a) Spanish b) Arabic c) Chinese d) Japanese

42. Who suggested the name "United Nations "?

a) John.F.Kennedy b) Franklin D. Roosevelt c) Jimmy Carter d) Napolean Bonaparte

43. Which among the following is the U.N.Foundation Day?

a) 30th oct.1945 b) 24th oct.1945 c) 6th aug.1942 d) 9th aug.1942

44. The term of office of a judge of the International Court of Justice is ______ years.

a) 3 b) 5 c) 7 d) 9

45. The only Indian Woman who became President of the World Health Organisation so far was

a) R.K.Amrit Kaur b) Vijaylakshmi Pandit c)Sucheta Kriplani d) Sarojini Naidu

46. Who was the first secretary general of the United Nations?

a) Kurt Waldheim of Austria b) Dag Hammarskjoeld of Sweden c) U. Thant of Burma d) Trygve Lie of Norway.

47. The hundred sons of Dhritarashtra had one sister.What was her name?

a) Duhsala b) Trishala c) Kunti d) Madri

48. In Indian Mythology , who was the wife of Kubera?

a) Rambha b)Menaka c) Urvasi d) Lakshmi

49. Which country was expelled from U.N. in 1992?

a) Czechoslovakia b) Yugoslovia c) Iraq d) Switzerland

50. Who compiled the Adi Granth?

a) Guru Nanak b) Guru Har Rai c) Guru Arjun Dev d) Guru Teg Bahadur


1.The RBI issues currency notes under the?

(A) Fixed Fiduciary System

(B) Maximum Fiduciary System

(C) Fixed Minimum Reserve System

(D) Proportional Reserve System

2. Which day is the International Human Rights Day?

(A) December 10th

(B) October 24th

(C) November 25th

(D) None of the above

3. The Capital of Pakistan till 1959 was?

(A) Islamabad

(C) Lahore

(B) Karachi

(D) Hyderabad

4. Silicon Valley of India is located in?

(A) Dehradun

(B) Bangalore

(C) Hyderabad

(D) Srinagar

5. The author of the book ‘India Wins Freedom’is?

(A) Kuldeep Nawar

(B) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

(C) Jawahar La! Nehru

(D) Indira Gandhi

6. The implementation of Jawahar Rojgar Yojana rests with?

(A) Gram Panchayats

(B) District Collectors

(C) State Governments

(D) Union Government

7. What is. quorum required for convening the Lok Sabha?

(A) 1/6

(B) 1/8

(C) 1/10

(D) 1/5

8. In the Parliamentary form of Government "He is the first among equals". Who is he?

(A) President

(B) Prime Minister

(C) Leader of Opposition

(D) Speaker of lower house

9. Gandhiji’s movement of boycotting the foreign goods aimed at?

(A) Full independence

(B) Creating anti-British sentiment

(C) Promotion of welfare state

(0) Promotion of cottage industries

10. What is the maximum age limit prescribed for the post of the President of India ?

(A) 58 years

(B) 60 years

(C) 62 years

(D) There is no maximum age limit

11. The final of the Sultan Afzal Shah Hockey Tournament 2009

was played between?

(A) India and Malaysia

(B) India and Pakistan

(C) Pakistan and Malaysia

(0) Malaysia and Japan

12. The 2011 Cricket World Cup shall be co-hosted by?

(A) India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh

(B) India, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

(C) Bangladesh, Pakistan and Sri Lanka

(0) Bangladesh, Pakistan and India

13.English is the official language of which one of the following Indian States?

(A) Nagaland

(B) Tripura

(C) Assam

(D) Manipur

14. Right to Information Act was passed in the year?

(A) 2001

(B) 2005

(C) 2004

(D) 2002

15. In India FERA has been replaced by?





16. The ‘Emerging Player of the Year 2008’ Award was given by ICC to which Sri Lankan cricketer?

(A) Ajantha Mendis

(B) Muttiah Murlitharan

(C) C. Kapugedera

(D) M. Mahroof

17. The term PC means?

(A) Private Computer

(B) Personal Computer

(C) Professional Computer

(0) Personal Calculator

18. Which one of the following Indian cricketers has been declared ‘The Leading Cricketer of 2008’ by Wisden?

(A) M. S. Dhoni

(B) Virendra Sehwag

(C) Anil Kumble

(D) Saurav Ganguly

19. Who is the present chief of ISRO?

(A) 6. Madhavan Nair

(B) Anil Kakodkar

(C) Mohan S. Shetty

(0) M. Arvindam

20. Who has taken over as Chief Election Commissioner after the retirement of Shri N. Gopalaswami?

(A) V. S. Sampath

(B) S. Y. Quraishi

(C) Navin Chawla

(D) M. S. Gill

21The imaginary places of same intervals are?

(A) Hachures

(B) Contours

(C) Spot-heights

(D) Isomers

22. The author of the book ‘My Experiments With Truth’ is?

(A) Maulana Abul Kalam Azad

(B) Govind Vallabh Pant

(C) M. K. Gandhi

(D) Tara All Beg

23. Which one of the following business magnates has been adjudged the ‘Business Person of the Year 2008’ by The Times of India Survey?

(A) Ratan Tata

(B) Rahul Bajaj

(C) Aditya Birla

(D) Laxmi Mittal

24. The relationship between the value of money and the price level in an economy is?


(B) Inverse

(C) Proportional

(D) Stable

25. Depreciation is equal to?

(A) Gross national product—Net national product

(B) Net national product—Gross national product

(C) Gross national product—Personal income

(D) Personal income—Personal taxes

26. In an economy, the sectors are classified into public and private on the basis of?

(A) Employment conditions

(B) Nature of economic activities

(C) Ownership of enterprises

(D) Use of raw materials

27. Stagflation is a situation of?

(A) Stagnation and deflation

(B) Stagnation and recession

(C) Stagnation and inflation

(D) Stagnation and recovery

28. What is Khetri in Rajasthan famous for?

(A) Copper mines

(B) Mica mines

(C) Bauxite mines

(D) Limestone mines

29. Which one of the following rivers forms an estuary?

(A) Narmada

(B) Kaveri

(C) Krishna

(D) Mahanadi

30. An important river of the Indian desert is?


(B) Narmada


(D) Beas

31.The Nagarjunasagar dam is constructed on the river?


(B) Chambal


(D) Sutlej

32. Anantapur district in Andhra Pradesh is famous for?

(A) Copper

(B) Zinc


(D) Gold

33. Bahadur Shah was the?

(A) Last ruler of the Lodis

(B) Successor of Sher Shah Suri

(C) Last Mughal ruler

(D) Successor of the Maratha ruler Shivaji

34. Mangal Pandey fired the first shot of the Revolt of 1857 at?

(A) Barrackpore

(C) Kanpur

(B) Meerut

(D) Jhansi

35. The resources which can be used continuously, year-after- year are called?

(A) Biotic

(B) Abiotic

(C) Non-renewable


36. The coast that belongs to Kerala is known as—

(A) Konkan Coast

(B) Malabar Coast

(C) Corornandel Coast

(D) Canara Coast

37. Great Stupa at Sanchi is in?

(A) Uttar Pradesh

(B) Madhya Pradesh

(C) Arunachal Pradesh

(D) Andhra Pradesh

38. What was the age of Akbar at time of his coronation at Kalanaur?

(A) Thirteen and a quarter

(B) Fifteen

(C) Eighteen

(D) Twenty

39.Which one of the following stages of the life of man in Aryan Society, in ascending order of age, is correct?

(A) Brahmacharya — Grihastha— Vanaprastha — Sanyasa

(B) Grihastha — Brahmacharya— Vanapaprastha — Sanyasa

(C) Brahmacharya — Vana prastha — Sanyasa — Grihastha

(D) Grihastha — Sanyasa — Vana-prastha — Brahmacharya

40. Who said ‘Swaraj is my birth-right and I shall have it’?

(A) M.K.Gandhi

(B) B. G. Tilak

(C) G K. Gokhale

(D) B. R. Ambedkar

41. ‘Charak’ was the famous court physician of ?

(A) Harsha

(B) Chandra Gupta Maurya

(C) Ashoka

(D) Kanishka

42. A person having AB group of blood can donate blood to a person having?

(A) A group

(B) B group

(C) AB group

(D) Ogroup

43. Why do birds not have respiratory trouble at the time of flying at high altitude?

(A) Their lungs are very large

(B) They fly inactively

(C) They have extra air sacs

(D) They use less oxygen

44. After the Chauri-Chaura incident, Gandhiji suspended the—

(A) Civil Disobedience Movement

(B) Khilafat Movement

(C) Non-Cooperation Movement

(D) Quit India Movement

45. Refrigerators keep food unspoiled because?

(A) At its low temperature, bacteria and moulds are inactive

(B) At its low temperature, the germs are killed

(C) At its low temperature, the germs are frozen

(D) It sterilizes the food

46. Select the one which is not a mixture?


(B) Gasoline


(D) Distilled water

47. The temperature which has the same reading on both Fahrenheit and Celsius scales is?

(A) 40 degree




48 Water boils at a lower temperature on the hills because—

(A) It is cold on the hills

(B) There is less carbon dioxide on the hills

(C) There is a decrease in air pressure on the hills

(D) There is less oxygen

49. Source of energy in ecosystem is?

(A) Sun

(B) Green plants

(C) Sugar produced in photo synthesis


50. Which of the following elements is not present in stainless steel ?


(B) Tungsten

(C) Chromium

(D) Nickel

1. (C)

2. (A)

3. (B)

4. (B)

5. (B)

6. (D)

7. (C)

8. (B)

9. (D)

10. (D)

11. (A)

12. (B)

13. (A)

14. (B)

15. (A


17. (B)

18. (B)

19. (A)

20. (C)


22. (C)

23. (A)

24. (B)

25. (A)


27. (C)

28. (A)

29. (A)

30. (A)



33. (C)

34. (A)








42. (C)

43. (C)

44. (C)

45. (B)


47. (B)

48. (C)

49. (A)

50. (B)


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